In the hosting world, overselling means advertising attributes that a client pays for, but cannot really get. A lot of the attributes of a given website hosting solution can fall under this category - disk storage, traffic, database storage space, and so on. A plan may come with limitless disk space, as an illustration, yet nearly all hosting suppliers generate accounts on a single server which can have a limited number of disk drives and considering the fact that all of the customers upload content, there'll be no space left on the server sooner or later or there'll be some secret quotas so as to make sure that each and every client has their own share, though everyone has paid for unrestricted space. As most hosting Control Panels are meant to work on one server, a number of companies don't really have a choice but to oversell, which is nothing else but deceiving their clients.

No Overselling in Shared Web Hosting

You will never encounter a situation where you are not allowed to use some of the features we offer with our shared web hosting plans as we do not oversell and we actually provide what we offer. Leaving aside the fact that establishing mutual trust is a thing we truly believe in, we can afford to offer you even unrestricted features as in contrast to a large number of rivals, we don't run everything on just a single server. Instead, we have built an advanced cloud platform where the file storage, databases, Control Panel, emails, and nearly every other service has a separate cluster of servers to handle them. This setup allows us to attach hard disk drives for additional disk space and entire machines for more computing power, so we can never exhaust the system resources. Our own Hepsia Control Panel was created to run in the cloud, so if you purchase one of our hosting packages, you shall be able to take full advantage of what you have paid for at all times.

No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Even though a lot of the attributes of our semi-dedicated hosting plans are listed as unlimited, we don't oversell and we would never do this as we believe that establishing mutual trust between a web hosting service provider and its customers is very important. We do provide all the unrestricted features owing to our advanced cloud internet hosting platform where all semi-dedicated accounts are generated. The platform consists of numerous clusters that will control your files, databases, visitor statistics, emails, etcetera, so the system resources we have are practically inexhaustible since we can expand any of the clusters if required by adding more hard disks to expand the disk space or servers to increase the processing power. If you sign up with our company, you will not ever pay for attributes that you're unable to actually use.